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AB Letter Nov 11

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From: Alan Bennett <alan.bennett52@sky.com>
To: editor@iwcp.co.uk
Date: 15 November 2011 09:19:28 GMT
Subject: Bike Anarchy Letter

As a regular cyclist on the Island (I cover about 500 miles a month), the cause of greener transport is not helped by grossly over-emotive headlines like “Bike Anarchy” submitted by your Journalist in last week’s CP. At a guess, it would be Charlotte Hofton?
Because someone has had their nose put out of joint by a few kids or people cycling on pavements, they vent their spleen on all cyclists and you stoke the fire, as usual.
To quote the writer of the article, I am actually amazed that there are traffic laws for cars. I regularly get cut up by cars straddling the double white lines on a bend at the top of a hill, or racing by me to run a red light to shave 1 minute off their journey. They squeeze past me and then block the cycle lane, even though they cannot get past the car turning right. As for the North Fairlea Cycle path, it is too dangerous to use because of inconsiderately parked cars causing a hazard to cyclists and pedestrians.
The only reason I am still in one piece is that I am a very experienced cyclist and constantly monitor cars and ride defensively. I can guarantee when I ride 65 miles round the Island I will have to avoid at least one serious incident due to pure bad driving.
I would like to take PJ Dickerson for a bike ride and show the situation from the other side of the fence. The cyclists causing these minor misdemeanours do not put lives at risk, unlike the car drivers careering round in a ton of uncontrolled metal and glass.
This is borne out by the fact that 835 cyclists were killed or seriously injured, during the period Apr – Jun 2011 on Britain’s roads. (data taken from DfT)

Alan Bennett
54 Pallance Road
Isle of Wight
PO31 8LW
Tel: 01983-282103
Mob: 07917155104

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