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Newport Traffic Scheme

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Newport Traffic scheme
The first plans for the £9 million re-structuring of Newport’s road systems has been announced. Closing date for comments is 21st Feb. CycleWight do feel that this a little late in the process as dates are already planned for work to commence! There is to be joint use path from Hunny Hill to the hospital and a toucan crossing to assist pedestrians and cyclists to cross the road. The detail on the plan issued to the public poses many questions such as the increase in speed and its impacts on other parts of the town.
The plan itself is within a document that can be downloaded from the Council’s web site under the title, “Highway improvement schemes 2018”  or from our web site under the heading ‘Campaigning” drop down menu.
The following points the committee think could be commented on. Please use as many points as you wish. Please do try not to copy and paste so each submission has its own identity. Please do get back to us with your ideas and views.
* The joint use path on Hunny Hill, Parkhurst Road, Medina Way is welcome. There is a need for there to be very careful planning and design on how cyclists are to access the route in Hunny Hill. The path should be at least three meters wide to allow space for all users.
* There needs to be a joint use path on the eastern side of Medina Way, from the hospital exit. There is room for this development. It should go to the ‘B&Q’ roundabout. This will take cyclists off the busiest part of the upcoming junction. It will give them easier approach to the factory estate. It would also allow them access to the college and the underpass, which is already joint use. This could also lead to further development of the path along side the eastern side of Medina Way in the Coppins Bridge direction running parallel to the college grounds .
* The turning of Medina Way into Hunny Hill and the top end of Hunny Hill need to be narrowed to slow down the speed of traffic so as to make it as safe as possible for cyclists and pedestrians.
* At the bus stop in Parkhurst Road a bike lane needs to go around the rear of the bus stop so cyclists do not conflict with people waiting for buses.
* Whitesmith Road and Dodnor Lane need to have continuous footways to allow easy use of the paths to the bus stops.
* The Island in the middle of Medina Way, opposite the hospital, should be enlarged and the design should be that users can walk/ride in a straight line.
* The path to the Underpass in Hunny Hill should be made wider to make the approach easier. The barriers should be removed or at the very least the distance be increased between them to allow ease of access.


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