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Space For Cycling

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Space For Cycling

The CTC has launched a campaign called Space for Cycling. The reason behind this is to "create conditions where anyone can cycle anywhere". There are six main points;
1. Protected space on main roads
2. Removing through motor traffic in residential areas
3. Lower speed limits
4. Cycle-friendly town centres
5. Safe routes to school
6. Routes through green spaces
We will all agree this list would be difficult to achieve. But more could be done if these points were a focal point of future planning and  when works are carried out on the Island.
There is a link on the CTC web site which will allow you to send a letter to your local Councillor asking them to support these principles. It is very easy to use. It allows you to modify the letter to give it a more local slant; so it is not just someone pressing send!

There are over 500 followers on IoW Cycling Facebook page. Guess what impact it would have if just 100 of them sent the email


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