Social Distancing Ideas 2 - CYCLEWight

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List of Ideas
§ Fairlee Road has enough room for an advisory cycle lane
§ Fairlee Road The path alongside needs quartering back to make more room. The surface on the footpath is poor
§ Island Harbour The grass at the side could be made into a path to take you to the Racecourse
§ LCWIP has many suggestions
§ A detailed list has been sent to Cllr Stewart and yourself earlier/
§ 20 mph round Bembridge Harbour
§ The path up Binstead Hill could be a joint use path. Quartered back. Rarely used. High quality dropped kerb at bottom of hill to allow access
§ Kite Hill. An advisory cycle lane. Take out hatched area
§ Part of Cowes Esplande could be closed. Or filtered permeability. (stop through traffic) 20 mph
§ High Street closed as Red Jet is no longer operating
§ Remove parking spaces (3) by Willets Optician
§ Contra flow cycle lane in Birmingham Road
§ York Street made one way going South. Bridge Road advisory cycle lane up hill taking people to Arctic Road for cycle track.
East Cowes
§ Beatrice cycle lane the full length - parking removed in the narrower sections, or link up to the very shared paths. Clear priority over the connecting streets,
§ Make it easier at the crossroads at Whippingham Forge for cyclists to cross Alverstone Road which links to Fairlee or East Medina, and Brocks Copse to link to Wootton & route 22
§ Newport Road. From Morrison roundabout to Apse Heath advisory cycle lane.
§ There is a path on the eastern side of the road, which could be quartered back and made a joint use path.
§ Landguard Manor Rd. Remove parking from Shanklin end to increase width of road. 20 mph zone for whole length. Or use  some bollards along the road for traffic calming.
§ Upper High Street close from Star Street
§ Car parking removed from one side of Union Street
§ Part of the Esplanade closed. 20 mph zone
§ LCWIP has many suggestions
§ Ventnor Esplanade could be closed. Or filtered permeability. (stop through traffic)
§ Close Regent Street
§ Advisory cycle lane from Freshwater to Freshwater Bay. Parts where it is narrow remove car parking spaces.
§ 20 mph Freshwater Bay to Totland/Colwell/Alum Bay
Niton Undercliff
§ 20mph zone
General points
§ 20 mph zones in all urban areas.
§ Some main road routes could be reduced in size, made one way, or closed where alternatives exist to create space for cycling/walking.
§ On quiet routes, which could be alternatives routes for cyclists there could be speed limits of 30 mph or put in filtered permeability to stop rat running.
§ In urban areas temporary barriers could be introduced to stop through traffic. Create quiet streets.
Isle Of Wight Cycling Campaign
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