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Please Take The Time To Report Pot Holes

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Saturday 15th February 2020

Is an advocacy group that seeks better cycle provision on the Island. We will cooperate with any organisation or individual that wishes to work towards that goal. The group participates in ways to encourage more people of all ages to learn of the joys and benefits of cycling.

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National Cycle Network
CycleWight has become increasingly concerned with the state of the National Cycle Network on the Island:from Ryde to Newport via Wottoon and from Cowes to Sandown and Wroxall (The Red Squirrel trail) Island Roads have the contract to maintain both routes but in many places very little appears to have been done to maintain let alone upgrade. We have produced a report and after a meeting with the council have handed it over to them.

The Council has agreed to look at it before meeting with IR to discuss our findings. Previously there has been discussions over the exact levels of maintenance. Let us hope this time it can be resolved. It is a an essential part of the lives of many people on the Island as well as a central part of the tourist offer.

CycleWIGHT AGM 29th November

We had over 40 people come to the AGM on Friday 29th November. It was great to see so many new members come along. Four of the candidates for the election attended. There were really good presentations by Chris Gregory of 'A to there' and Richard Lewis from 'Active Planning' showing what is possible with the correct support. Richard led an exercise that encouraged our members to look at maps of Newport and seek solutions to travelling across and through the town. Amazingly people did come up with fresh ideas even though, as a committee, we had looked at this on so may occasions. You CAN teach an old dog new tricks. Richard then commented on the ideas using his expertise gleaned from travelling in the Uk and abroad. Earlier in the day members of the committee and invited guests had walked around Newport, with Richard looking at issues for cyclists and pedestrians. We hope progress made in Newport will be able to be used in other places around the Island.

CycleWight has signed up to  a group called Transport for New Homes. It sets out to make sure communities are built that do not have to rely on the motor car. They are looking to make places more human by putting people first in any design of a new development. This is particularly relevant at this time with the large number of predicted houses to be built on the Island. You can find out more information on

The Undercliff (update)
It has been reported that the results for the public consultation on the reopening of the Undercliff has showed that 58% of people are in favour. It is now suggested to pay for an engineering feasibility study costing £200,000. The likely cost of the road is to be between £1/2 million if it gets the go ahead. CycleWight have been working for over a year for this to be declared a cycling leisure route. It has been discussed with various bodies including Island Roads and IWC.

It has been slow progress though we understand the design of the signage has been approved by the Department of Transport.   The area is a wonderful opportunity to create a special space for walking, cycling and horse riding. This Island has been awarded biosphere status but Councillor Stewart wants to spend a large sum of money on a road of which there is no certainty of success. With the correct
support and funding it could become a wonderful eco resource for locals and visitors, indefinitely.

Bicycle Theft
The Police have responded to the many bikes that have been stolen over the last few week on the Island. Cyclists can help themselves by registering their bikes and keeping a detailed description of each one. (Everyone has at least three!) You can download a form here which will help you to do this.

Innovation Grant - Update
Island groups were invited by Isle of Wight Council to bid for grants of up to £10,000 for projects to boost ‘sustainable transport’.  Our application entitled ‘More Paths for All’ was successful. It builds on our work from the Cycle Strategy and our Cycling Permeability Study of Newport.
We are now two months in to the project. We are working with a Community Interest Company, called People Powered, which is doing much of the collation of the work and the data input. Ten members of CW volunteered to be surveyors and walk the 51 sections.  We have completed 17 and another 20 are under way. It is hoped to finish the physical work by the end of January so as to then have two months to collate the information and write the report.
The grant will give us the means to be able to identify paths on the Island which are strategically important for walkers, cyclists and horse riders. From this we hope to look at ways to be able to obtain funds to bring them into wider use. We will be working with the Rights of Way team as part of our work.

Cycle Strategy

Our Cycle Strategy has now been published for a year. Since its launch it has been downloaded over 700 times; over 100 the day after the CP mentioned it. It is hoped that this will become an important document in establishing proper provision for cycling across the Island. It sets out a series of principles that would make cycling better with a series of maps of strategic routes, which would bring the Island together.  It is hoped to update it in 2019 when we hope to be able to cost some of the work we are proposing.
We have distributed it to a wide range of people and institutions. It has been well received and we are particularly  pleased the Council will be referring to it in the upcoming Island Plan, which goes out for public consultation in December. They also have it on their official web site.
It can still be downloaded from our web site. Paper copies are available for a charge of £2 including postage.

Wight Cycling Tips
There are some very useful tips for cycling on the Isle of Wight - Click here for more details

LSTF/ Bicycle Island gallery
Follow this link to pictures of some of the different projects delivered via the LSTF and Bicycle Island grants.

CYCLEWight is affiliated to Cycling UK
They provide us with advice, insurance as well as being one of the leading campaign bodies in the Country. You can join Cycling Uk for a reduced fee of £25 by being a member of CycleWight. You will not receive their magazine or some of the other benefits by being a full member but it will include you having third party insurance. If you are interested please contact us through the web site.

Things YOU can do

Report Issues Affecting Cyclists
  Please take time to report potholes
   any right of way obstructions
   dangerous driving
   or abusive vehicle drivers

Support Our Campaigns
We campaign on local cycling issues and

 schemes. Join us, tell your friends
 write to your local MP!

CYCLEWight Newsletter
The latest Newsletter [November 19] is available HERE...

Cycle Forum
Minutes of the Cycle Forum meeting [October 19]  can be viewed HERE...

CYCLEWight Committee
Minutes of the Committee meeting [January 20]can be viewed HERE..

Pot Holes etc.
Everyone's favourite topic. It is fair to say that many roads on the Island are now a very good surface. The Round the Island Cycle route is in the main part excellent. It has become a visitor attraction in its own right. BUT there are still places where for cyclists roads are grim. Cyclists as  a group must report defects. The argument goes "Nothing is done so why bother." Records are kept and the pressure of number of reports will have an effect.  is the reporting system. This is particularly true at the moment for defects on the NCN routes. if you are unhappy with the response you can contact IR by and ask for more information on your issue. A last resort is to contact CycleWight. We do meet with IR and IWC regularly and issues are raised.
At the present time IR are trialling a system based on taking a picture with an app and reporting it straight away. Too trendy for some but it may be an improvement. Hopefully you might report an issue there and then rather that forget about it by the time you get home. (That describes me but I guess others too)

Newport to Cowes (follow up)
In the last newsletter we highlighted the poor finishing to the cycle track near Cowes after the work done by SSEE to lay a new cable. As was suggested by us, and others, the track now has puddles where the work is as there is no run off. We will continue to pursue this.

Much better news has been at the Cowes entrance to the track, which was also left unfinished. Cllr Peacey - Wilcox listened to our views and complained about the fact that the resurfacing work had not been done by the gate. It has now be re-instated.

There are many reasons for considering purchasing an E-bike and your choice will rely on your individual needs. Mine were that I could no longer keep up with my clubmates on 60 to 70 mile undulating rides after a year’s treatment for prostate cancer. This left me very frustrated. So I needed something subtle and discreet, enter the Ribble Endurance SLE.
The model has the well proven, Spanish Ebikemotion X35 rear hub motor, integrated into a high end carbon road bike frame The 250 watt battery is completely concealed in the oversized down tube and has a charging/auxiliary battery port on top of the bottom bracket. The bike has standard 11 speed Shimano 105 gearing, with compact (50/34) front chain rings and an 11-32 rear cassette. All cables for brakes, gears and motor are integrated into the frame. There are no complicated controls, just a single button on the top tube at the front, which cycles through from on/off and through the 3 ascending power assist modes. Blue for low, green for medium and red for high. The power assist is gentle and subtle and cuts in and out smoothly with no jerky movements. I have done an undulating 65 mile sportive recently and finished with 12% battery power remaining. But I must stress I am still reasonably fit and able and do not use high power that often. Recently I rode a hilly 33 miles into a lot of headwinds and finished with 35% battery remaining.
Is this type of E-Bike for you? Well as I said it will depend on what you want! I am still vain at 67 and wanted a “stealth” E-Bike so I had no stigma attached when out riding, whilst I am having treatment, but it is quite possible to ride this bike on no battery power and then it handles as a normal road bike. There is a great App for IOS and Android that monitors the system and will even tell you when you only have enough battery to get you home. There are other makes available that are probably just as good, this just happens to be the one I bought

Wider of the Rider/Pass Wide and Slow
This has been one of our campaigns over the last few years. It has received much more prominence of late, with awareness activities being done on the mainland as well as our and Spyvelo’s banners.
The horse community has a nationwide campaign called Pass Wide and Slow (PWAS) Nationally there is to be an event on 14th April and the local organizers have contacted CW with the details of what is being done on the Island.  They are keen for cyclists to join them in what is a common problem.
About 100 riders so far, from the Island, have put their names down to take part in the PWAS rides. Rides are being scheduled for Havenstreet to Newport, Ryde Town Centre, Wroxall to Ventnor; Porchfield, Godshill & Freshwater.
Processions will leave their start points at 11am and can be joined or left at safe junctions along the way.  
PWAS have their own Facebook site and local details can be obtained from

Newport permeability study

CycleWight was awarded a grant from the Awards for All, part of the Lottery, to do a permeability study of Newport. It was intended to be a means of looking at ways to make Newport more walking and cycling friendly.  CW hoped that it would lead to working with IWC and Newport Parish Council to implement the recommendations. It was very much aimed at doing things that would be simple and relatively easy to implement.
The report was published in February and has been downloaded over 120 times from our web site. A presentation about it was made at the “Newport Travel Forum” on Saturday 20th Jan. During May members of the CW committee are doing a formal presentation to Newport Town council. Some of the ideas suggested would be contra flow cycle lanes in Crocker Street and Trafalgar Road, raised platforms at junctions so as to slow cars, 20mph zones in all residential areas and to create a joint use path alongside Medina Way.
Newport Parish Council has commissioned a town audit in the last few months. It sets out a series of actions that could be taken to make it easier to walk around Newport as well as it make it look more pleasing. This in tandem with our report should provide a powerful set of documents to set out plans for a better Newport. We also sent a copy of the study to all of the other town and parish councils on the Island. This has led to Whippingham and Wootton Parish Council commissioning their own permeability study. CycleWight have also been invited to make a presentation to Cowes Town Council in June. Interestingly Cowes has the highest number of people commuting on the Island so it would appear a great place to make further improvements.
 Far too often the cry is heard, “It can’t be done” It could be, as one only has to go and visit places elsewhere.

Bike Shelters
 These items are becoming more common in places across the UK. They are ideal for areas where the housing does not have an easy place to keep a bike eg flats, terraced houses, houses with little storage.
There are plenty of places on the Island where this is true, mainly in the older parts of the various towns. These shelters could allow people who are put off having a bike somewhere to keep them. They take up approximately one car parking space and so the gain for the community is immense. Can you think of an ideal location or maybe already know of a group of people who may be interested in such a feature? Please contact the group as we are keen to see this get off the ground (well on a street)

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