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Is an advocacy group that seeks better cycle provision on the Island. We will cooperate with any organisation or individual that wishes to work towards that goal. The group participates in ways to encourage more people of all ages to learn of the joys and benefits of cycling.

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To join CYCLEWight! We need YOUR support to help us continue promoting cycling and campaigning for better conditions for cyclists on the
Isle of Wight!

Widen my Path
This web site, we feel, can play a very important part to help us work with the council on its social distancing work. It allows people to identify places on an interactive map where they think changes can be made to allow better movement for walkers and cyclists. It allows people to agree with other users, Take a look Here. It is run by a social enterprise company called Cycle Streets. Their web site says, “CycleStreets is a social enterprise working to get more people cycling, through the provision of a cycle journey planning giving really good, safe routes, and through tools for the cycling advocacy community.” At this important time please at least have a look

Social Distancing
Who knew what social distancing was four months ago? All indications are that it is likely to be a part of our lives for some time to come. In some places social distancing is already difficult with narrow footways and cycleways making it awkward for people to move safely and in a socially responsible way. At present people walking and cycling are able to make use of space in many areas due to the very low traffic volumes. As lockdown begin to be eased, it is imperative that measures are put in place to enable effective social distancing and keep people safe.
We have written to the Council with some ideas on how this could be achieved. They include: removing some parking places to give more room to pedestrians in shopping streets; exclude cars where roads are narrow, e.g. Little London, to make some roads 20mph to make it safer for cyclists and pedestrians, keeping footpaths and cycle tracks cut back.
This is happening all over the world.  Here is a link to a story from Leicester which demonstrates a successful project in the UK. Leicester key workers . On the Island, the Council's Access Fund has launched a scheme to hire bikes to key workers. This has been very successful with over 60 bikes borrowed in just a couple of weeks.
This is an opportunity to make walking and cycling more accessible to everyone.

Pot Holes etc
Everyone's favourite topic. It is fair to say that many roads on the Island are now a very good surface. The Round the Island Cycle route is in the main part excellent. It has become a visitor attraction in its own right. BUT there are still places where for cyclists roads are grim. Cyclists as  a group must report defects. The argument goes "Nothing is done so why bother." Records are kept and the pressure of number of reports will have an effect.  is the reporting system.
This is particularly true at the moment for defects on the NCN routes. if you are unhappy with the response you can contact IR by and ask for more information on your issue. A last resort is to contact CycleWight. We do meet with IR and IWC regularly and issues are raised.
You can allso use an App called "FixMyStreet"

Bicycle Theft
The Police have responded to the many bikes that have been stolen over the last few week on the Island. Cyclists can help themselves by registering their bikes and keeping a detailed description of each one. (Everyone has at least three!) You can download a form here which will help you to do this.

Cycle Strategy
Our Cycle Strategy has now been published for a year. Since its launch it has been downloaded over 700 times; over 100 the day after the CP mentioned it. It is hoped that this will become an important document in establishing proper provision for cycling across the Island. It sets out a series of principles that would make cycling better with a series of maps of strategic routes, which would bring the Island together.  It is hoped to update it in 2020 when we hope to be able to cost some of the work we are proposing. You can read it online here
We have distributed it to a wide range of people and institutions. It has been well received and we are particularly  pleased the Council will be referring to it in the upcoming Island Plan, which goes out for public consultation in December. They also have it on their official web site.
It can still be downloaded from our web site. Paper copies are available for a charge of £2 including postage.

Bike Shelters
These items are becoming more common in places across the UK. They are ideal for areas where the housing does not have an easy place to keep a bike eg flats, terraced houses, houses with little storage.
There are plenty of places on the Island where this is true, mainly in the older parts of the various towns. These shelters could allow people who are put off having a bike somewhere to keep them. They take up approximately one car parking space and so the gain for the community is immense. Can you think of an ideal location or maybe already know of a group of people who may be interested in such a feature? Please contact the group as we are keen to see this get off the ground (well on a street)

Wight Cycling Tips
There are some very useful tips for cycling on the Isle of Wight - Click here for more details

LSTF/ Bicycle Island gallery
Follow this link to pictures of some of the different projects delivered via the LSTF and Bicycle Island grants.

CYCLEWight is affiliated to Cycling UK
They provide us with advice, insurance as well as being one of the leading campaign bodies in the Country. You can join Cycling Uk for a reduced fee of £25 by being a member of CycleWight. You will not receive their magazine or some of the other benefits by being a full member but it will include you having third party insurance. If you are interested please contact us through the web site.

Things YOU can do

Report Issues Affecting Cyclists
  Please take time to report potholes
 Any Rights of Way obstructions

Support Our Campaigns
We campaign on local cycling issues and
schemes. Join us.  Tell your friends.
Write to your local MP

CYCLEWight Newsletter
The latest CYCLEWight Newsletter
[June 20] is available HERE...

Cycle Forum
Minutes of the Cycle Forum meeting
[February 20] can be viewed HERE...

CYCLEWight Committee
Minutes of the Committee meeting
[May 20]can be viewed HERE..

Access Fund Report 2018/19
The Report can be viewed HERE

The Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan has been approved by the Department of Transport and has now become part of Council policy. The government wanted each local authority to draw up a walking and cycling plan for its area.  We are led to believe that in comparison to other LCWIPs from around the country ours compares very favourably. CW provided much of the background information for the plan. A decision was made that the plan was not to cover the whole of the Island but to concentrate on Ryde and Newport because of the way the task was set out by the government. It comprises of a general plan and then several indexes covering walking and cycling routes in both towns. The document does not come with resources but is to be used as a tool be to seek funding. We have written to the council to congratulate them. We have also pointed out that there should be mention that the LCWIP's proposals are part of a strategic cycle network for the whole Island and any work carried out  links to that network. Secondly that the LCWIP should be seen as a template for other areas to follow to ensure that the Island has a comprehensive  and consistent walking and cycling plan.
 In the present edition there are some typographical errors and a small piece is obviously missing. Hopefully this will be rectified. Now it is published CW will consider if it is necessary to update its own cycling strategy.
You can now view the documents from This Page

Bike Shops Lockdown Update
In the weird time of the restrictions to control the pandemic, and after the announcement that cycle retailers are considered an essential service, we thought we ought to check the situation on the Isle of Wight to let members know who is still working and who is temporarily closed. Support your local bike shop! In addition, if you are a Key Worker, then you can benefit from the Isle of Wight Councils Key Worker Cycle Scheme. You can visit their website at for more details.

COWES, Sean the Cyclist 07792 088246
Working, offering free collection and drop off in Cowes, or please contact to arrange a socially distant
COWES, Two Elements. TEL. 07947 912886
Temporarily closed
FRESHWATER, Adrian's Bike Shop. TEL. 01983 755007
Collect and deliver bicycles for servicing and repairs and also supply new and used bicycles
MERSTONE, Wight Eco Bike Solutions. TEL. 01983 303322
Available to meet the needs of the cycling fraternity for sales, service and repairs. Reduced hours may apply
It would be helpful if you could call the store in advance of visiting
NEWPORT, Halfords. TEL. 01983 537182
“Drive in pick or collect point” in operation
NEWPORT, Island Bikeworks. TEL. 07926 523453 or 01983 528289
Still working, contact to arrange collection and drop off
NEWPORT, Wight Mountain. TEL. 01983 520530 /533445
Open for repairs or essential spares only, reduced hours apply. Call in advance or knock and wait -doors will
be locked
RYDE. TAV Cycles. TEL 01983 812989
Open Monday Wednesday and Friday. Please call in advance
SANDOWN, Al's Bikes.TEL. 07962 373277
YARMOUTH, Wight Cycle Works. TEL. 01983 761800
Doing repairs. Please ring before hand. Long term hires possible (7 days or more) ‘Contactless drop off’
Taking part in
Finally, several of our bikeshops are live on “A to Z to Me is here to help you find local
suppliers who will deliver what you need, right to your doorstep.” - you may find it useful for non-cycling things
as well.

This has become a regular topic on CW newsletters. The reason is that until the design of developments is of high quality it will be a major stumbling block for people to walk or cycle. The Council has announced that it is having a housing review and consultation as it feels that the number of new homes to be built set by government is too high. This provides the opportunity for CycleWight members to write to insist on higher design standards for the infrastructure. On the last page of the newsletter you will find more details on how to make a comment on the strategy.  Time after time developments on the Island are not designed to make cycling and walking the first choice even though there is plenty of guidance on how to do so. This guidance is often ignored by the bodies that are part of the planning process. The argument given to CW is that if higher standards were imposed developers would walk away

Going Electric
Like many people I came to adult cycling in middle age, looking for something to compliment gym sessions, and give me some fresh air.  Alas being late to the party meant hills – more correctly the strength to cycle up them - were always my bête noir, and this was exacerbated by a knee injury in 2017 that got progressively worse.  In the middle of 2018 I started to think about going electric. TAV in Ryde couldn’t have been more helpful, and I found myself the owner of a Merida electric hybrid. Best decision ever!  My Fitbit tells me I burn around 2/3 of the calories I used to burn from a conventional cycle, but like many electric cyclists I find myself going further and having more confidence.
The choice of off, eco, normal and high power outputs allows adjustment for tiredness, road conditions, and gradients, and whereas cycling used to be a distinct exercise / leisure activity for me, now the bike sometimes comes out for a quick trip to the shops, so cycling has become more functional.  Dare I say it more enjoyable as well.  A question that I sometimes get is range on the battery – well it depends. On full charge the Eco setting gives a range of 60 miles, but that assumes a consistent power draw, which, of course, doesn’t happen.  Last autumn I rode from home in Brading to St Catherines and back, outward on the coast via Sandown, Shanklin and Ventnor, and back inland via Godshill and Whitwell.  Outward the hills at Luccombe meant I used 50% battery on the first half of the ride, but the flatter homeward route only used 20%, leaving me a good reserve at the end of a 30 mile ride.  I was a bit apprehensive moving to an electric bike. Maybe it felt like cheating?  However it’s meant I’ve been able to cycle again within weeks of two rounds of knee surgery, and I’ve got the confidence to tackle the ups and downs of the Island.  In short a decision I don’t regret, and one I’d recommend to anyone else thinking about it. Jess Garbett *Recent research shows people who use electric bikes actually exercise as much as people with conventional bikes as they do tend to go further and use them more.

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