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Wightlink have made it known that Gunwharf Dock will be closed on March,7th, 8th & 9th. On these dates foot passengers/cyclists will not be able to travel on the car ferry which will sail from the International port.  We have asked to be notified if there are to be any further closures

CYCLEWight is an advocacy group that seeks better cycle provision on the Island. We will cooperate with any organisation or individual that wishes to work towards that goal. The group participates in ways to encourage more people of all ages to learn of the joys and benefits of cycling.

Isle Access

Isle Access is a Community Interest Company, working to improve and promote greater accessibility and inclusion on the IOW, for the benefit of local residents, visitors and businesses.
There are many people who, for many reasons, cannot use the standard 2 wheel cycle and, In 2017, we intend to bid for funds to purchase some accessible cycles to hire out.. There are many different types of accessible cycles so we will conduct our market research by inviting various manufacturers of the bikes to come to the IOW and give people with access needs an opportunity to try the different cycles.
Disabled Access Day 2017 is being held over 3 days in March (10th - 12th) and we have secured the use of The Riverside Centre for Saturday 11th to hold the event. We will need some volunteers to assist us with the event and to help bring inclusive cycling to the Island. If you would like to help us, please contact Jan Brookes 07522 558999

Cyclist's Breakfast
It was all a bit last minute but the committee decided to have a cyclists’ breakfast to celebrate national Bike to Work today on Wednesday 14th September. The Chamber of Commerce were very supportive and provided sponsorship for the event.
As with the last few breakfasts we decided to put up our breakfast delights at the junction on Sea Street/Quay Street. We must have broken our record. A record 87 people attended. (and without most of the Tints) What was interesting was the 80 cyclists who passed by and did not stop. It just goes to show what a large number of people
use their bikes to commute. If they were all CW members and were active in campaigning what a difference would that make!
A big thank you to everyone who turned up to help. Biggest thanks to Andy Newman and his van. It made such a big difference to the event. And he ended up making teas and coffees too.

Wayfarers’ Randonnée
The Randonnée was a stunning and sunning success this year. (I got sunburnt) 2891 riders were recorded as having started; 85% of pre-registered riders were from the mainland. The furthest a-field was from Australia. Two other riders were from India as well as one for Thailand and a couple from the States.
For the first time ever on a CycleWight newsletter we have included a graph and it can be seen how the numbers have risen over the years.

Unlike many other similar events it is free to participants and it rates very highly with 84% saying it was excellent. Faceboook and Twitter accounts continue to grow with the event. On Facebook they have now over 2,600 subscribers with over 14,000 checking the page during April.
It is a great testament to the Wayfarers that they more than hold their own in a very competitive market and that they have embraced technology to make it such a well organised and enjoyable event

Chamber of Commerce
The IW Chamber of Commerce is promoting sustainable travel in the workplace and have been running the campaign ‘BIKES IN BUSINESS’ which is being delivered as part of funding from the Department For Transport that has been secured by the Isle of Wight Council. Information on the scheme and the benefits of cycling in the workplace can be found here.

The Chamber writes “For those looking for a subtle power boost to cycling there’s also the option of using an electric bike. In partnership with the Chamber, Red Squirrel Electric Bikes are reaching out to the Island business community by offering a new business package, including reduced rates on monthly electric cycle hire for IW Chamber of Commerce members. Island businesses can now hire electric bikes for staff use, starting at £65 a month for Chamber members. Businesses are being encouraged to use a “pool” electric bike to save money on parking, taxi fares and car pool charges, as well as helping the environment by cutting carbon and improving the workforce’s health. It’s a timesaver too, as journey times are often faster on bike than by car, especially at peak traffic times. Find out more by emailing Red Squirrel Electric Bikes or phoning 01983 521555 Let us hope that this scheme is successful.
CycleWight provided an article for the Chamber’s web site giving guidance on commuting and buying a bike.

Access Funds
In an earlier article there has been a piece about the government’s spending plans with regard cycling and walking. There is to be to over £550 million pounds spent over 3 years. It is not as generous as it sounds as some of the money is already earmarked.
Additional money for capital projects (building) is to distributed by the Local Economic Partnerships (LEPs) The money is not ring fenced and goes into their ‘pot’. Sadly our local LEP, Solent, has a poor record, so far, of supporting sustainable transport projects. It is unclear the actual process for winning the funding. The CTC (Cycling UK) are trying to clarify matters

Road User Safety

CycleWight, Dizz Dyer and David Walter have been working together to raise awareness of some of the issues faced by vulnerable road users. With the assistance of Southern Vectis and LSTF funds it has been possible to put a message on the back of two buses. "Go wider for the rider". Please, if you see either bus, take a picture (safely) and send it to CycleWight through our web site. It would be great to create a gallery. It will also be an opportunity to discuss this issue with your non-cycling friends. What does it say in the highway code about overtaking cyclists and horse riders?". Thanks to everyone who has been involved in this project.

Fill That Hole Campaign
Island Roads now have a new webpage for looking up and reporting potholes and road defects - click here to visit the site

All cyclists need to report any defects in road surfaces. The CYCLEWight committee suggest that you use the
"Fill that hole" 
campaign on the CTC website to report dangerous road conditions. There is also an "App" available for IOS and Android smartphones that uses GPS to tag the location of the pothole or defect, plus it knows where you are and will send the report to the closest Council authority.

LSTF/ Bicycle Island gallery
Follow this link to pictures of some of the different projects delivered via the LSTF and Bicycle Island grants.

CYCLEWight Facebook and Twitter
CYCLEWight has now both a Facebook and Twitter presence. Please join us online to keep up with the latest information.

Using The CYCLEWight Calendar Below

If you click on an event, you may find additional information, or a link to the location of the event. You can easily add these events to your own Google calendar

Things YOU can do
Support Our Campaigns
   We campaign on local cycling issues and
    schemes. Join us, tell your friends
    write to your local MP!
Report Issues Affecting Cyclists
   Please take time to report potholes
    any right of way obstructions
    dangerous driving
    or abusive vehicle drivers


We need YOUR support to help us continue promoting cycling and campaigning for better conditions for cyclists on the Isle of Wight! Click the "Join Now" button below to download the membership application form   

Cycle Festival

The Cycle Festival as you will know did not run this year. There has been much discussion about this including a lively debate on the CW Facebook page.
GP Sports, who have put on several events on the Island including a sportive and the Spyvelo Cycle Cross Cup are willing to take on the event in a hope to keep it going. Their draft plan for is to hold a series of events over a week including the two weekends. The last week of September is proposed, with a possible launch event at Northwood House. On the Saturday there would be ride-outs from the launch venue and on the Sunday a proper ride would be staged. There would be local food, a bar, and other aspects of the Island would be promoted. With the assistance of local clubs and organisations there would be rides each weekday.
The second weekend would move to a different location, which could be at Shorewell Mountain Bike centre. It may be possible that a round of the Wessex Cyclo Cross league round could be held, with a party in the evening. A Seven Hills Killer type event would also be high on the list. An Isle of Wight Cycling Festival Ltd would be formed to cover insurance. Events would need cooperation from cycling clubs, especially for rides in the week. The proposition has been discussed with other organizations.
The IW Cycling Festival website is well known and established and so hopefully could still be utilized. Many of the rides were free but as it is unclear whether the Council would continue to insure the event. There most probably would be a levy of £2-3 as for any British Cycling event to cover costs. The insurance terms would also determine whether safety qualified ride leaders were required.
The Festival was discussed at the Cycle Forum. It was hoped that to encourage as many people as possible to join in there would some charity events. It was also mentioned about the timing for example building on the Randonnée in May but at this time it had been decided to leave it in September. A different period could be chosen in 2018 depending on its success. It was felt by some that the Festival could be organised by a non- commercial company.

The Cycle Fest
More information on the new group running the Cycling Festival in 2017 can be found here

20 MPH Conference
A conference to promote 20mph limits on the Island was organised by Councillor Julie Jones-Evans. She had been prompted to do so by her constituents complaining about cars coming through residential areas at inappropriate speeds.
Rod King the founder and the campaign director of ‘20s’ Plenty’ came to address the conference. In his presentation he explained the reasons why he believes that 20mph speed limit is plenty for residential areas. Rod emphasised how much more effective were schemes if it was a bottom up approach was taken.
There has been research into their effectiveness. It would be fair to say that is not all positive. What is undeniable is where the average speed is high, even in 30mph zones, it does make a marked difference. A really interesting point is that residents have a perception of greater safety even those who live on roads where the average speed had dropped very little. Hopefully this would encourage people to walk and cycle.
One of the important points made is the fact that people are likely to survive in a 20mph collision but not at 30mph.
The conference heard that regulations have been changed recently to relax requirements for sign, traffic calming and lighting. Hence the schemes were cheaper to introduce. Many local authorities on the mainland have introduced 20 limits. It is estimated that approximately 25% of the population now live in such areas. Other guests were invited to make presentations including Public Health, Cllr Geoff Lumley, Island Roads and CycleWight.
It was interesting to note that the majority of people attending were from the villages around the Island as well as concerned relatives from some schools who did not have traffic calming in their area.
A motion was presented to the full council the following day (19 October) to introduce 20mph limits more widely on the Island, which was passed. This is only the beginning of the process. A report has now to be written which is then formally presented to the Council to adopt the initiative as well as seek ways to fund any changes made.
Some officials at the conference did not appear positive to such a move. If this idea is to be adopted Councillors and the general population will need to make sure that their views are reflected. The final presentation of the day reinforced this point. It was by a Councillor from Chichester. She faced opposition from a variety of sources but by mobilising a whole raft of different groups they achieved a citywide 20mph zone.
Funding is an issue but interestingly Rod pointed out during Sarah’s presentation that introductions of these schemes have such beneficial consequences that funding is usually forthcoming.

Transition Fund
The Local Sustainable Transport Fund has over the last few years made some excellent contribution to cycling on the Island: Fishbourne to Ryde, Wroxall to Shanklin, Ashlake Copse Road. This year there was a small amount of funding for cycling which the government called the Transition Fund. It was a revenue bid, which means it was more about hearts and minds rather than building things! As with LSTF it was a competitive bidding process. The Council with the help of Chris Gregory, a consultant from A-to-There, was successful in their submission. Chris is currently managing the various projects being delivered by three teams which are;
1) Promoting sustainable tourism - Visit Isle of Wight 
2) Encourage access to employment, transport to interviews etc. -Sustrans & Chamber of Commerce
3) Access to education – Sustrans. Working with 48 schools.
A “Mode Shift” is sought to walking & cycling which cuts use of private cars. Some of the benefits of this funding can be found elsewhere in the newsletter for example the Chamber of Commerce’s schemes including the promotion of electric bikes.
Visit IoW continue to develop their work with the funding. They are now visiting individual holiday providers to highlight sustainable transport option to their visitors. They are also training some apprentices linked to the tourist industry.
In education the Sustrans officers are working with nearly every school on the Island to provide events promoting cycling. There is grant money for schools to promote sustainable travel, though this has seen schools slow to take advantage of these grants.
There has been some additional funds to set up a Smart Corridor and Cycle Hubs. The Smart Corridor initiative is linked to promoting cycling by the use of a smart phone app. This has not been tried for a specific place before so this is an exciting development for the Island. More details should be available soon. The company developing the app will be looking for local people riding between Cowes and Newport to help them in the testing of the product. Cycle Hubs, integrated facilities (showers, secure racks, tools,etc ) are becoming more familiar on the mainland. Some funding is available for local groups to provide something similar here. Initially it is hoped they will be in the Cowes and Newport areas.
CycleWight committee members have been involved in some of these projects using our experience in the hope they will make cycling on the Island better.

CycleWight made a successful bid under the Local Sustainable Transport Fund 2 to update the Round the Island map. There will now be 10,000 distributed around tourism venues across the South of England and places such as motorway service stations. There will be some maps for the Island too, which we will be distributing to a wide range of places over the coming months. If you see one please take a picture of it in situ and send it to us through the website contact page. The map can be viewed and downloaded from our web site under the drop down menu the IW Cycling 'Routes and maps'. The new map has been revamped and contains more listings including bike shops, hire centres as well as information on electric bike charging points. We wold like to thank all the people who supported us in this venture especially Action Isle of Wight, Pinkeye Graphics and Mike Hoath. Click HERE to view the map, or HERE to download a copy

CYCLEWight Newsletter
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CYCLEWight Committee
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Cycle Forum
Minutes of the Cycle Forum meeting [Oct 16]  can be viewed HERE...


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