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Update 03 04 2022

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Dear Members,
Just to keep you up to date with what we have been doing in the last few weeks.
It is good to report that there has been more remedial work on the Cowes to Sandown path. Areas where we have raised issues have been addressed: subsidence, damage by badgers, roots making the path uneven and the surface breaking up. There are still some places which need attention but it is better. Please do report your concerns to Island Roads and let us know too. Linked to this we are still trying to attempt to meet up with Island Roads and IWC to find out progress on a range of issues.
Fix My Street is a very useful app.  Island Roads recommend the app as it is the one which they subscribe to. It does allow you to monitor progress of your complaint.
The people at the Isle of Mountain Bike Centre have been very busy over the winter. Below is a piece from them about the changes they have made. Sounds amazing. Well done.
'New for 2022 season the Isle of Wight Mountain Bike Centre have created three new cross country loops and an additional 5 downhill trails. The trails range from green graded to black, this means they are now able to cater for every ability. The loops are approximately 14km in total, the green loop is 4km, blue loop is 9km and the red loop is an additional 4km off of the blue loop. The team at the centre now have a dedicated bike shop, service centre, hot food and drink and tuck shop. The centre is now providing hire bikes, coaching and leadership rides. This is all due to start in April. There will also be 4 groups rides available to customers; Kids Club, Mini Shredders, Ladies Club and Bike Friendly Club.'  https://www.isleofwightmountainbikecentre.com
The tour of Britain is coming to the Island in September. We have not heard anything yet about the preparations. Have you?
Our project, 'Carisbrooke and Gunville Greenway' has now finished. We have submitted a report and will be tidying up the loose ends over the next couple of weeks. Below is a picture of the final ride that we did. Well, a picture of us enjoying a well earned cuppa. We learnt a lot by riding with people who do not cycle everyday. As part of the report we have made recommendations on how to make the routes into Newport easier for less regular cyclists. These proposals  will have an additional bonus as it will help people leave Newport to the west as the route to the West Wght opens up.

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