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Update 03 06 2022

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Dear Members,

We hope you are well and looking forward to the weekend.

Some things to bring to your attention.   

We have been asked to bring the following message from People Powered to your notice.

"People Powered CIC have recently been commissioned to undertake another Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan, this time for the Brading / Bembridge /  St Helens area. We have been commissioned by the three parish councils in the area and the project is part funded by them, part by the IWC.

To recap, LCWIPs are strategic plans that identify key routes and zones in towns and villages where changes to the infrastructure or the implementation of more walking and cycling friendly policies can provide higher quality, safer environments for people to get around, helping to create a healthier environment and more inclusive community.

We have now launched the consultation for the plan and we very much welcome the input of your members. Information on how you can contribute is available by watching the video here:
https://vimeo.com/713354489 or going to our web page here: https://people-powered.uk/lcwip/ The interactive map is available here: yourviews.org.uk

If you would like to follow our social media posts on the consultation, you can follow us using the handle:  @peoplepowerediw.  Our most recent Facebook post is found on the link below, please do share it: https://fb.watch/ddIR3tTB0u/

Drop-in consultation events are also being held, details of which can be found on our website or on the attached flier."

We have been contacted by Paula Poulter from the Breeze Group.

"It doesn't matter if you're keeping fit, young at heart,  wise beyond your years, or baffled by gears. Every woman is welcome on a British Cycling UK Breeze Ride.
You'll discover new places to ride, gain confidence as a group, make new friends, do things you never knew you could, and have a lot of fun.That's the power of riding together.
We know it's easier said than done so our Breeze Champions will organise everything, lead the group and make sure everyone stays safe. All you have to do is to sign up!
To join a women-only ride near you visit letsride.co.uk/Breeze Feel free to contact Paula Poulter (Breeze Champion Isle of Wight) on 07776 353783 or paulapoulter@googlemail.com Flier attached."

In the last briefing we did mention about the poor state of the track at Blackwater including 'the repair.' We wrote to Phil Jordan (Cabinet member for Roads and Infrastructure) directly and received a very positive response. We hope that this is a step to having a more systematic approach to maintenance to the cycle paths and better quality work. The more people who report issues the better. Do so via Island Roads website or the 'fixmystreet' app. There is a link on the front page of our web site.

As reported we did comment on various planning applications. Sadly in the Pennyfeathers application we did see that it is being proposed that a cycle path was not to be built until an adjoining path outside of the development was constructed. We pointed out that if the developer built their path, when the other path was built, the network would be complete. Far too often we notice that developers have not embraced 'Gear Change' the most recent policy document about cycling. We have attached a copy for you to distribute to anyone who you think would benefit from reading it. There is a technical specifications document (LTN 1/20) that accompanies it and can be downloaded if interested.

We have been invited to attend a workshop for the development of the new Local Transport Plan. Several CycleWight documents were submitted by IWC as part of their submission so it will be interesting to see how this meeting goes.

Finally a bit of inspiration for you.  This is a great video from Active Travel about how to make your town a better place.  https://youtu.be/5om1yL7Jxaw  Thanks to Pete Dyer for finding this.

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