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The Sunday Social

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The Sunday Social
“The Isle of Wight is one of the hidden gems of the mountain biking scene in the UK. The best way to sample what our Island has to offer is to join one of the regular rides organised by the Sunday Social Mountain Biking Club.
The Sunday Social with over 400 registered members,and offers a range of rides for all abilities. This friendly and welcoming club is open to all-comers, the only requirements being that you wear a suitable helmet, have a bike that is in good order and suitable for off-road trails, and trail lights for the evening rides.
The main rides take place at 09:30 every Sunday, meeting at Merstone Old Station. From here there are two group rides, the green grade ride, suitable for beginners and intermediate riders and the blue/red grade ride, aimed at intermediate and above.

There is also a choice of Thursday evening rides leaving from different locations on the Island. The first group ride leaves from Stag Lane (outside of the Vestas Technology Centre on the Cycle path) at 17:00. This is a blue grade ride, approximately 1.5-2 hrs in duration. The second group leaves from Merstone Old Station at 18:30 to undertake a red grade ride, approximately 2 hours in duration. Suitable trail lights are necessary during the winter months.
In addition to the regular rides there are also a number of events, riding and social, that take place throughout the year.”
About the ride grading:
Green - Suitable for beginners and intermediate riders
Riding is mainly on cycle paths and bridleways. There will be some climbs on the route, but nothing too steep or technical. Rides are of a gentle pace.

Blue - Suitable for intermediate riders Basic bike handling skills and reasonable fitness level is required. Riding is mainly on bridleways and single-track trails. Expect some technical riding, difficult obstacles can largely be avoided

Red - suitable for intermediate and advanced riders Basic bike handling skills and a good level of fitness will be required. Riding is mainly on bridleways and single-track trails. Expect some technical riding and a faster pace than the blue rides.

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