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AGM 2014

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The AGM was on Friday 28th Nov and once again was a well attended event with over 30 present. AGMs held at the 8 Bells must normally be a pretty poor effort as when we arrived there was 10 chairs around a table!
Our guest speaker was Richard Bates, a Councillor from the CTC; the Isle of Wight lies within his area. He outlined the nature of his work with the CTC. We do not have a recognised CTC group (DA) on the Island and he felt that the cycling population of the Island would benefit from this. Something to discuss? An interesting point he did make was about the effectiveness of a cycle forum in Sussex. Something for CW to investigate further.
Will Ainslie, the Local Sustainable Transport Fund Manager, highlighted the work that has been done by the grant and the work that he (we) hopes to be completed before the project ends in March. Tim Thorne outlined the work of the group over the year. Officers of the CW all agreed to stand again and were elected unanimously. (What a surprise) Many thanks to all who attended and those who donated a raffle prize.
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