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CYCLEWight is an advocacy group that seeks better cycle provision on the Island. We will cooperate with any organisation or individual that wishes to work towards that goal. The group participates in ways to encourage more people of all ages to learn of the joys and benefits of cycling.

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May 4th Merstone CycleFest Update
Published by Webmaster - 28/4/2024
May 4th Cyclefest - Merstone Station
Published by Tim Thorne - 6/4/2024
Kidical Mass Gallery
Published by Webmaster - 20/3/2024
THINK BIKE Awareness Campaign
Published by Webmaster - 15/3/2024
Blackwater Drainage
Published by - 1/3/2024
Park That Bike
Published by - 29/2/2024
Cyclewight Committee Meetings
Published by Webmaster - 3/2/2024
CycleSprog - Childrens Cycling
Published by Tim Thorne - 24/1/2024
Active Travel Cafe Forum
Published by Tim Thorne - 24/1/2024
13.6 Million Levelling Up Grant
Published by Tim Thorne - 3/12/2023
Storm Damage News
Published by Tim Thorne - 11/11/2023
Eastern Yar Flood Warning
Published by Tim Thorne - 31/10/2023
May 4th CycleFest

A huge thanks to everyone for supporting the event and doing all the bits that went together to make it happen. We were certainly blessed with the weather and all the people who turned up.
As ever we learnt lots from the people who attended. We made a list of places where people thought it would be good to have a bench to rest your legs and cheeks(!) There was more discussions on other places where to put more ’Think Bike’ signs. Many people did not realise that CycleWight was a membership group! Lesson learnt. Please join


First Kidical Mass ride on the island
CycleWight organised the first ever Kidical Mass ride on the island on Saturday 16 March 2024.  Nearly 40 riders rode a route around the streets of central Newport, to campaign for children and young people to be able to travel safely and independently by bicycle in the town. The youngest independent cyclist was just 3 years old, he is clearly a champion in the making.  He was fully in control of his pedal cycle, and kept up with the group with no trouble. Other children were accompanied by grown-ups, with one on a seat on his dad’s crossbar.  Cyclewight’s marshals had carefully planned the route, and managed to keep the group together round the circuit, while bringing smiles to the surprised shoppers out in town on Saturday morning.  Three e-cargobikes from island company Keert equipped with speakers were part of the parade, playing music and greetings to cyclists and onlookers.  The police had arranged for a pedalling PCSO to join and monitor the ride, and ensure there was no trouble for the cyclists or other road users; she seemed to have a fun time.  There was a really joyful feel in the town, and hopes are high that a series of these rides can be arranged in other island towns.
Click Here to view the Kidical Mass Picture Gallery
A Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP) is a long-term (10 year minimum) strategic plan that sets out local priorities for improvements to walking and cycling infrastructure. In consultation with local residents and stakeholders, it identifies key routes and zones within a town or group of settlements where new infrastructure and the implementation of more walking and cycling-friendly policies will provide high quality, safer environments for people to get around on foot, wheelchair, mobility scooter and bike. Read more below or/and in Current News

Isle of Wight Council.
We are waiting for more detail on the Island  Green Link. Officers from IWC have met with the Department of  Transport who are managing the grant. They now have to agree on  the content and the delivery of the project. As mentioned before, the  bid will have to change due to inflation last year. We have written to  ask to be part of the decision making process.which we think is very  important as users. We are still waiting for a reply. Hopefully  it will be signed off by the government by July  Investigation work is going ahead on the flooding at Blackwater.  Once agreed the remediation work will go ahead. Yee hah. Please  do write about the awful state of the track at Merstone. We cannot  have another season with it being so bad. Please write to your Councillor
Cycle Path Maintenance
CycleWight have been campaigning on achieving  improvements  on the quality of the paths, in particular NCN 23 between Newport and Sandown. We have been told that there is to be work soon at Blackwater. Between Merstone and Horringford the path is particularly poor. Do you have a picture of this section sometime before 2019? If so please contact us HERE

Fix My Street
Report, view, or discuss local problems

Click HERE to reort a local problem

The Isle of Wight Council is set to receive more than £13.6 million in Levelling Up money as part of the third round of the fund.
The major government investment will be used to enhance travel between Ryde and Yarmouth by improving cycling, walking and bus routes while also making accessibility improvements.
Today's (Monday) announcement follows a successful bid by the council to transform connectivity between East and West Wight with an improved active and sustainable travel corridor — or 'Island Green Link' for short!
This link below shows the "Live" works on Island Roads network
which includes some paths

Rights of Way issues. The easiest way is to email rightsofway@iow.gov.uk. Be specific in your location and tell us in as much detail as you can of where and what the problem is so we can easily find when we inspect.  You can email a photo (but make sure the image size is not large), photos should show the problem in relation to the surroundings (avoid close shots that do not help us identify the area)
Isle Of Wight Cycling Campaign
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